Substitute teacher

substitute teacher is a person who teaches a school class when the teacher is unavailable; eg, because of illness, personal leave, or other reasons. “Substitute teacher” (usually abbreviated as “sub”) is the most commonly used phrase in the United States , Canada , India and Ireland , while supply teacher is the most commonly used term in Great Britain and the Canadian province of Ontario . Common synonyms for substitute teacher include teacher or teacher (used inAustralia and New Zealand ) and “emergency teacher” (used in some of the United States ). [1] Other terms, such as “guest teacher”, are also used by some schools or districts. Regional variants in terminology are common, such as the term teacher on call ( TOC ) in the Canadian province of British Columbia and occasional in Ontario. Continue reading “Substitute teacher”

Musician Session

Session musicians , aussi called Expired studio musicians , musicians are hired to perform in recording sessions as well as live performances. Session musicians are usually not permanent members of a musical ensemble band. They can accompany many singers and soloists. They work behind the scenes and rarely achieve individual fame in their own right as soloists or bandleaders . However, top session musicians are well-known within the music industry . Some session musicians form rhythm sections who make recordings together. Some of these have become well-known, such as The Wrecking Crew and Motown’s The Funk Brothers . Continue reading “Musician Session”

Pickup group

pickup group is a group of professional musicians , who may be session musicians who are hired to play for a limited time period of a single concert or sound recording session for several weeks of shows-before disbanding. Pickup groups are formed to play in the orchestra for musical theater performances, operas , or operettas , accompaniment jazz singers or instrumental soloists, and act as a temporary backup bandfor a pop singer for a ride. As well, pickup groups are hired to perform at social events such as weddings or holiday parties. The size of these sets ranges from a three-or four-member rock set or jazz group (eg, a rhythm section , organ trio or backing band ) or classical chamber ensemble (eg, a string quartet ) to a 20-piece jazz big band , a 20-27 member pit orchestra for a Broadway musical or a 30-100 member orchestra . Continue reading “Pickup group”

ID Medical Group Ltd

ID Medical Group (commonly known as ID Medical ) is a healthcare recruitment company headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK . The company exists to supply locum doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and clerical staff to NHS hospitals including private medical sector organizations throughout the United Kingdom. The company was listed in The Sunday Times ‘best mid-sized companies for work in 2014’ citation needed ] and was announced the winner of the prestigious ‘Top 250’ RI (Recruitment International)] recruitment company award in 2013. Continue reading “ID Medical Group Ltd”


freelancer or freelance worker is a Commonly used term for a person who is self-employed and Is not Necessarily committed to a Particular use long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or professional associations or websites to get work. Continue reading “Freelancer” is a British- based freelance marketplace where people can trade skills and services. [1] First launched in 2011, the website hosts a variety of services, from tech jobs like SEO specialist to bizarre things like having a job with a quick clip advertising business. [1] [2] Buyers of services are mainly start-up companies looking to save on business costs. [3] Continue reading “”

Dialect coach

dialect coach is an acting coach who helps an actor design the voice and speech of a character in the context of an on-camera (movie, television or commercial), stage (theater, musical theater, opera, etc.), radio gold voiceover animationproduction. The dialect coach often does original research on dialects and speech patterns, prepares training materials, provides instruction and works on lines with the actor. A dialect coach will give the actor feedback focusing on issues of credibility, consistency, and clarity. A dialect coach may also be helpful to help you understand your voice, or to help you improve your voice. language. Continue reading “Dialect coach”