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Why Employ a Graduate?

Most businesses would benefit from recruiting new talent possessing drive, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. Sometimes it can be difficult to acquire these at a cost that is attainable.

There are currently over 70,000 students & graduates within the region, so as a business there are many benefits of employing a graduate. GJS is here to help you see the benefits

  • Graduates have great enthusiasm and are highly motivated.
  • They acquire many skills whilst at university which they can apply in the workplace.
  • Graduates are enthusiastic learners and become productive at a faster pace.
  • They can effectively and efficiently adapt to new environments.
  • Graduates are the ideal target for career development and succession planning.
  • Graduates starting their first job arrive with no baggage. They have no pre-conceived ideas about what can and cannot be done.

The type of graduate you require

Think about your vacancy and decide what qualifications, skills and experience you would like your graduate to have.

  • If you require generalist graduates, GJS will allow you to target graduates by industry sector.
  • Create a specification of the ideal candidate. Will they need specific skills, such as languages, IT skills or a driving licence?
  • Requiring experience is often requested but not always realistic. Some graduates may have placement experience as part of their degree. Others may be able to demonstrate holiday and part-time work.

The offer and package  

Competition is fierce to attract good graduates. You can make your vacancy more appealing in a number of ways:

  • Make a clearly understood job spec so that the graduate knows exactly what they will be doing.
  • Formal training is (although not essential) highly valued.
  • Offer a competitive salary. Graduate salaries typically start around £18k.

Be realistic about what you can offer, create a package that is an all-rounder - sometimes it’s not all about the money. Think about benefits that might not be of particular value to you that maybe highly valued to the graduate - gym membership for example, travel cards etc.