Work aversion

Work aversion (or aversion to work ) is the state of prevention or not wanting to work or be employed , or the extreme preference of leisure as opposed to work. citation needed ] It can be attributed to laziness , boredom or burnout . [1] Work aversion is not a recognized psychological disorder in the DSM-IV . quote needed ] Continue reading “Work aversion”

Post-left anarchy

Post-left anarchism is a recent article in anarchist thought that promotes criticism of anarchism’s relationship to traditional leftism . Some post-leftists seek to escape the confines of ideology in general while also presenting a critique of organisms and morality . [1] Influenced by the work of Max Stirner [1] and by the Situationist International , [1] post-left anarchy is marked by a focus on social insurgency and a rejection of leftist social organization. [2] Continue reading “Post-left anarchy”

Masterpiece Cakeshop c. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Masterpiece Cakeshop c. Colorado Civil Rights Commission is a pending case before the Supreme Court of the United States is whether creative businesses can refuse some services due to Their First Amendment rights of free speech and free exercise of religion in light of public accommodation laws-in Particular, by Refusing to Provide creative services, Such as a custom wedding cake for same-sex marriage ceremonies, on the basis of one’s religious beliefs. The Court took oral arguments on December 5, 2017, with a decision likely to be made by the end of the court’s October 2017 term at the end of June 2018. Continue reading “Masterpiece Cakeshop c. Colorado Civil Rights Commission”

Punk gutter

gutter punk is a homeless or transient individual who displays a variety of specific lifestyle traits that are often associated with the punk subculture . [1] [2] Attributes may include unkempt dreadlocks , nose rings, mohawk hairstyles and tattooed faces. [3] Gutter punks are sometimes referred to as ” crusties “, “crusty punks”, or crust punks ; traveling or traveler kids, or just travelers; and “punk hobos”, “hobo-punks”, gold hobos, among other terms. Some self-identified gutter punks may be distinguished themselves from ” crusties ” or ” travelers ” and vice versa; However, there is considerable overlap between the groups and the terms are often used interchangeably. [4] [5] [6] [7] Continue reading “Punk gutter”

Kim Davis

Kimberly Jean Davis (born Bailey , born September 17, 1965) is the county clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky , who gained international attention in August 2015 when she defied a US federal court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples , following the June 26, 2015, US Supreme Court decision in Obergefell c. Hodges . Davis reacted to the decision by denying marriage licenses to all couples, saying she was acting “under God’s authority”. [3] [4]Her defiance led to her being jailed, while both supporters and detractors hotly debated her stance in the national media. Marriage licenses in Rowan County are now being issued to all citizens as required by law. Continue reading “Kim Davis”