Career Tips

“Persistence beats the resistance.” – Raoul van der Berg

Stay motivated. Create a vision chart if you need to read inspirational quotes on your morning commute. Do what you need to continue. Professionals cross the valley to reach their mountain peak – you are no exception. When things get tough, do not give in under pressure. Use your struggles as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Try not to complain. This will only reduce your morale and that of other members of your team.

“Never suppose defeat.” – Rachael Summers

This is one of the most dangerous things you can do for yourself professionally. If you had an interview that did not suit you, a meeting with a client that was more difficult than expected, or a pitch that did not go as you would have hoped – do not automatically put a period where someone else places a comma. You have no idea of ​​the potential opportunities that you might have unwittingly closed depending on your perception. Have you never heard the saying, “a bad chapter does not mean the end of the book”?

“Diversify your skill set.” – Stephanie Gentry

It is good to master your usual skills, but do not stagnate. Keep developing your love of learning. If your work has benefits for tuition reimbursement, take advantage! Go to learn a new skill. If you’re worried about time, it’s not about becoming a full-time student again. Take a few classes at a time, earn new certifications – become a carrier of many hats. He will differentiate you professionally and who knows? This can help you speed up your next promotion.

“Find out what you like best, and ask someone to pay you for it.” – Alex Los

Money. We all need it to survive. However, there is a limit between needing money and becoming obsessive. The more you are passionate about what you do, the faster the success will be. It may not happen within the time frame you expect, but the more you focus on building and building as a leader in your specialty, the more success your work will follow. And as a bonus, you’ll enjoy waking up to work every day!

“Choose your battles.” – Philip Johannessen

Do you have colleagues who know exactly what to say or do to get under your skin? Supervisors who seem to smile a little more brightly or gloat a little longer when you are at the lowest? As difficult as it may be, you have to leave. Breathe. Go outside – do something other than give in their bate. Some battles are not worth pursuing. Do not waste your time or energy on someone who is unsure of something internally and who has chosen to attack you. Sometimes it’s better to stay calm and let your success speak.

“Do not compare your chapter one to chapter 30 of anyone.” – Kent Ava

Everyone is guilty of comparing himself to someone else in an area of ​​life. Clothing, cars, condos, you name it. Even careers. When it comes to career placement and progress, it is essential not only to stay in your path, but to enjoy being there too. There are no two identical paths to reach a certain level of success. It’s admirable to admire someone who is currently in the place you want to be, but when you start comparing apples to oranges, you’re really just serving yourself.

“The only thing that stands between you and success is yourself.” – Georges Chebli

A revealing tale especially if you tend to see the glass half empty, half full. No matter where you are in your career right now, there is a reason why someone has chosen you for the role you currently hold at the moment. Someone believed in you. Now it’s up to you to believe in yourself. Take calculated risks. Do not sell yourself short of interviews. Defend the opportunities you think you deserve, but be conscientious if necessary and never be too zealous. Ask a close friend or mentor to check and balance your ambitions.

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