is a British- based freelance marketplace where people can trade skills and services. [1] First launched in 2011, the website hosts a variety of services, from tech jobs like SEO specialist to bizarre things like having a job with a quick clip advertising business. [1] [2] Buyers of services are mainly start-up companies looking to save on business costs. [3]


Fivesquid was born in 2011. Following its release, Theo Paphitis selected the company as a start-up company to watch its small business Sunday competition. [4] Since the websites launched in 2011, it has been recognized by the media for some of the services people sell. Also featured is Kitty Brucknell , who has performed on the UK version of the X-Factor , offered for you by voicemail for £ 5. [5]

In March 2012, the website featured in a list of top 10 companies to emerge from the UK recession . Fivesquid featured on the list and was highlighted for the sale. [1] Throughout the sites, it has had some strange services offered. In 2012, entrepreneurial schoolboy from England offert His services as an online gaming bodyguard , at £ 5 per 30 minutes of gameplay. [6] Another unique service was published in The Sun , where a seller would dump your partner for £ 5. [7]

After the website has been established a number of years, One example used by the London Standard Services that could manipulate social media popularity. [8] Others are of the same time that many of the service providers are simply out of their income stream. [9]

The Gadget Show picked up the site as one of their top 3 places to buy gifts online. [10]

Site structure

Services sold via the website are referred to as “micro-jobs”, due to the low prices and short completion time. All micro-jobs fall within 4 payment structures of £ 5, £ 10, £ 20 or £ 50. [11]

Payment for services must be made upfront in order for the work to begin. Fivesquid holds the funds in an escrow account up to the has-beens Service Delivered by the Service provider and the buyer marks the order as full. [12]

The Service Providers Range from Those practicing a hobby to small companies Who are Attempting to Grow Their customer base. [13] At the completion stage of each project, Fivesquid takes a 20% commission payment from the total value, before releasing the funds to the service provider. [14]

Service providers are paid out by Fivesquid using PayPal . As of June 2017 , no other payment methods are available. [15]


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