Nick Corcodilos

Nick A. Corcodilos, a professional recruiter , publishes the Ask The Headhunter website [1] , created in 1995, where he and his audience candidly discuss job hunting and hiring.

Corcodilos holds a bachelor’s degree ( Phi Beta Kappa ) from Rutgers University , and a Masters in Cognitive Psychology from Stanford University . [2] Corcodilos is president of the North Bridge Group, [3] and their effective recruitment and hiring methods. [4] Clients have included the Executive MBA programs at Cornell, Wharton, UCLA, Northwestern, University of Michigan, Rutgers and Harvard.

Corcodilos is the author of Fearless Job Hunting: Overcome the daunting obstacles That stop other job hunters Dead In Their tracks , [5] How to Work with Headhunters … and how to make headhunters work for you , [6] How Can I Change Careers? [7] Keep Your Salary Under Wraps . [8] and Ask The Headhunter: Reinventing The Interview to Win The Job . [9] This book went out of print in 2010.

Since 2002 Corcodilos has been publishing the weekly, e-mail Ask The Headhunter Newsletter [10] in a Q & A format where he answers questions from subscribers and delivers hints and tips for job hunters and employers. From 2008-2010 the Universal Press Syndicate distributed from Ask The Headhunter . [4] [11]

Since 1995 Corcodilos’ articles have been featured in The Wall Street Journal , Reader’s Digest , USA Today , The New York Times , Fast Company , and Working Woman . Ask The Headhunter His feature column HAS Appeared we PBS NewsHour since 2012. Corcodilos has-been featured is CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, National Public Radio and MSNBC, Electronic Engineering Times , InfoWorld , TechRepublic , and Adobe Systems ‘ marketing community, In July 2009 Corcodilos was a guest guest at the Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC radio. [12] In 2012 Corcodilos was featured in a CBC Television Marketplace (TV series) program, “Recruitment Rip-Off”. [13]


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