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Speak With A Geek (SWAG) is an American technical recruiting agency headquartered in San Francisco , California . Geek is a mobile app based company that uses a “peer to peer” model similar to Uber designed to connect IT technicians to freelance jobs and vice versa. SWAG claims there are 3 million vetted users worldwide, but that number is unconfirmed. Speak With A Geek is available in the United States , Canada , Western Europe , and Asia . [1]


Speak With A Geek was launched on August 15, 1999 [2] as an IT services company. By December of that year, 1,000 projects had been completed with Speak With A Geek. In early 2000, the company discontinued its in-home services, choosing to focus all resources on business services. quote needed ]

The early and mid-2000s included growth and key mentions of the company in the media. In 2002, Speak With A Geek was featured in The New York Times . [3] By the end of that year, Speak With A Geek had been featured in more than 25 million readers. [4] In 2003, the company reported 25% growth in customer numbers. In 2004, United States of America, San Francisco, CA, Woodside, CA, Tempe, AZ, Sarasota, FL, Grand Rapids, MI, Colorado Springs, CO, Silicon Roundabout, UK , Auckland, NZ. quote needed ]

In 2008, Speak With A Geek introduced third-party verification software to manage the certifications of its Geeks. [2]

On July 15, 2015 the company launched SWAG, [5] which gives access to a large pool of vetted technical “Geeks”. The Client App enables users to hire Geeks for a full-time position within their company. SWAG uses a mutual rating system [6] to ensure both parties are in a position of quality and quality.

In 2015 the SWAG call center located in Tempe, AZ was closed down for the reasons of senior staff relocated to the San Francisco, California HQ. quote needed ]

Products and Services

In addition to its web platform, Speak With A Geek offers users access to a Geek service through its iOS and Android mobile application. The mobile app was released on July 15, 2015. [7] A monthly subscription is required to access the platform. [8] While many calls and e-mail have been received, they have been addressed to the public.

For Employers

Employees can access the Geek with a Talent pool via mobile or web application where they can post jobs and projects.

For Geeks

Technical Candidates – or “Geeks” – are vetted through the Speak With A Geek platform. Geeks undergo testing, perform code challenges, take part in video interviews, and join hackathons through the Speak With A Geek platform.

In The Media

Geek was listed as a Jupiter Media Metrix “Top Newcomer” for the US Metrix Media Top 50 Web and digital media property ratings for April 2002 after SWAG’s Official Website attracted more than 500,000 unique visitors for that month. [9] The company was then featured by the New York Times in November 2002 in an article discussing the sharp rise in technical support requests around the holidays. [3]

Speak With A Geek Was aussi featured in Time Magazine in February 2004 as an affordable technical support provider [10] and in PC Magazine in April 2004 in a paid support-services scorecard. [11]

In 2010, Speak With A Geek was featured in “Using Information Technology 9th Edition: A Practical Introduction to Computers & Communications,” an educational textbook used at a number of universities as part of the curriculum at Lahore School of Economics . [12]


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