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New Escapologist was a UK-based lifestyle magazine between 2007 and 2017, now continues online as monthly subscription essays. The magazine and the current essay series take the stance That work HAS too central a position in life and Western That Work, consumption and pursuit of social status Too Often take precedence over happiness ,liberty , and unstructured leisure . [1] Simple living , creativity and Epicureanism are offered as solutions to the problems of overwork and overconsumption . [2]


New Escapologist was founded in 2007. Speaking at a public event together in 2009, [3] Robert Wringham told Tom Hodgkinson that he started New Escapologist after reading Hodgkinson’s book How to be a partner of Houdiniand Among the Bohemians: experiments in living by Virginia Nicholson. [4]

A pilot issue was printed in 2007, a first canonical issue in 2008, and a launch party was held at the Glasgow CCA in 2009. [5] [6]

In 2011, New Escapologist Organized a zine fair in Support of the student occupation of Heatherington House at the University of Glasgow. [7] The same year saw the launch of a fifth issue at The Arches Theater and Nightclub, [8]and a sixth issue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival . [9]

In 2014, around the time of the magazine’s tenth issue, a spin-off book written by Wringham was announced. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, [10] the book was published by Unbound on 28 January 2016 [11]followed by a German edition published by Heyne Verlag later that same year.

In 2017, it was announced that the magazine would be published by Patreon . The first of these essays went live in April 2017.


The magazine’s separate typography , selon has colophon printed in the back of Each issue, [12] Was Achieved using Donald Knuth ‘s TeX typesetting system with a layout based year is ancient Ge’ez liturgical text seen at the Matenadaran Manuscripts Museum in Armenia .

The magazine’s logo, featured prominently in the masthead of early issues, and is the standard ISO “running man” symbol usually seen on exit signs . [13]

Notable contributors

  • Alain de Botton , philosopher [14]
  • Luke Rhinehart , author of The Dice Man
  • Ewan Morrison , author of Tales from the Mall
  • Richard Herring , comedian
  • Tom Hodgkinson , author and editor of The Idler
  • Dave Thompson , comedian and tellytubby
  • Joshua Glenn , author of The Wage Slave’s Glossary [15]
  • Judith Levine , journalist and NWU founder
  • Ian Macpherson , comedian
  • Dickon Edwards , musician and diarist
  • Jacob Lund Fisker, blogger
  • Aislin Clarke, movie and theater director
  • Graham Fulton , poet
  • Landis Blair , illustrator and comic artist
  • Seth , cartoonist and book designer
  • Leo Babauta , blogger and author of Zen Habits
  • Stanley Cohen , London School of Economics -based Sociologist
  • Mr. Money Mustache , financial blogger
  • Lord Whimsy , designer and dandy
  • Caitlin Doughty , author and mortician
  • David Cain, blogger
  • Steven Rainey, BBC Radio Ulster DJ
  • Ellie Harrison , artist and political activist [16]
  • Joseph Heath , University of Toronto philosopher and economics writer
  • Laura Gonzalez, GSA lecturer and artist [17]
  • LD Beghtol , musician


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