Employment discrimination law in the European Union

Employment discrimination law in the European Union including two directives . The directives were agreed by the EU member states in 2000. [1] The European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs is responsible for oversight. [2]


The Article 13 of the Treaty of Amsterdam , were entered into power in 1999. Granted the European Union Some powers to fight discrimination on the basis of:

  • Race or ethnic origin,
  • Sex , Pregnancy
  • sexual orientation
  • Religion or belief
  • Disability (physical or mental, including HIV status)
  • Age

Employment Equality Framework Directive (2000/78)

The Employment Equality Framework Directive establishes a general framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation. It aims to protect everyone in the EU from discrimination based on age, disability, sexual orientation and religion or belief in the workplace. [3]

Racial Equality Directive (2000/43)

The Racial Equality Directive prohibits discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin in the workplace as well as in other areas of life Such As education , social security , healthcare and access to goods and services. [4]

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