New South Wales selection bias

New South Wales selection is biased by selectors of the Australian cricket teams towards players from New South Wales . It was exemplified in a quote by former South Australian captain David Hookes who said, “When they give out the baggy blue cap in New South Wales, they give you a baggy green one in a brown paper bag to save making two presentations “. [1] This is an example of confirmation biasand Hookes’ How did they come into the world when they were selected by the US? and / or One-Day team. The claims persist in spite of the fact that New South Welshman has occupied a position on the National Selection Panel since John Benaud in 1994. citation needed ]

Allegations of this bias have been made by Victoria and Brad Hodge , who has not been selected in the Australian side. [2]

Statistical basis

Statistics have been used to deny [3] and support the bias. [4] Deniers of the bias point out that many New South Wales players have suffered at the hands of selectors. [5]

Out of the list of the top 50 run-scorers in the Sheffield Shield , the nine players who did not play a single Test came from every state except New South Wales and Western Australia . [6] Out of the list of the 50 wicket takers, the eight players who did not play a single Test came from every state except New South Wales. [7]


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