Villalba Merrill Lynch & Co Inc.

Villalba v Merrill Lynch & Co Inc [2007] ICR 469 is a UK labor law case, concerning sex discrimination and equal pay . It was the largest claim in the United Kingdom, but was rejected in the Employment Tribunal and on appeal.


Stephanie Villalba was the daughter of a trainer of Merrill Lynch’s France operations, and had many family members working with the company. She too joined as a graduate and by 2002 had become the “Market Executive for Europe”. She reported to a Mr Raymundo Yu, who quickly formed the view that Ms Villalba was “not flexible” in taking advice or advice on board. Late 2002 was a bad time in the markets, and Mr Yu appointed to Mr Ausuf Abbas, who took over some of Ms Villalba’s functions. From then, after some incidents, which the Court found amounted to Ms Villalba had alleged. One Was an email Where Mr. Abbas Said Ms Villalba was “high maintenance”. This was found to be simply “requiring considerable management time and effort”.jet flight between Frankfurt and Milan , Villalba, near the drinks cabinet, and was expected to for drinks for the fellow travelers. It was supposed to be a flight attendant, but it was found that

Feeling isolated, Ms Villalba confided in the human resources head Ms Pauline Cahill and made according to the court a “attempt allegation of sex discrimination”, that she was not treated as an equal team member. Ms Villalba Ms Villilli, Ms Villilli, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba, Ms Villalba and Ms Villalba. After that their relationship broke down and she complained further to Ms Cahill that Mr Abbas was “micro managing” her, while afterwards Mr Abbas said he tried to avoid her. In January bonuseswere awarded, by Mr Yu, and Ms Villalba got the middle-ranking bonus for people who merely “achieved requirements”. On January 23, Villalba and Abbas had a fight. Human resources did not do anything, except try to keep them apart. Mr Yu tried to find a new job, but he did not go with it. Villalba is sentenced to sex discrimination. Villalba rejected the new post, or any that would be outside the UK. On March 28th she was offered some leave while a new post was found, and she replied that she had instructed solicitors. After that she was told to stay at the end of July.

Bonuses are 75% -80% of pay at Merrill Lynch, and the court noted there is a culture of secrecy about these figures, but at the same time are perceived as a vital indicator of personal worth to the company. Villalba’s claims of victimization have been based on Villalba’s claims of victimization (see SDA 1975 ss 4 (1) and 6 (2) (b)).

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