Goldbricking is the practice of doing business, while maintaining the appearance of working. The term originates from the confidence trick of applying a coating to a brick of worthless metal-while the worker may appear industrious on the surface, in reality they are less valuable. A modern example is staff who uses their work for personal access, which can lead to inefficiency. Goldbricking online is referred to as cyberslacking gold cyberloafing .

A 1999 report estimated that cyberslacking cost employers in the United States $ 1 billion a year in computer resources. [1] Instances of goldbricking increased markedly when broadband Internet connections became commonplace in workplaces. Before that, the slow speed of dial-up is a lot of time. Many firms employ monitoring software to track employees’ Internet activity in an effort to limit liability and improve productivity . [2] Other methods used include goldbricking to Reduce Installation of proxy servers to prevent prevention programs from Accessing resources likeInternet Relay Chat , AOL Instant Messenger , and some online gambling services, strict disciplinary measures for employees founding and tracking .

Smartphones have greatly reduced the need for employees to the Internet.

Goldbricking became a mainstream topic when Yahoo! announced in late February 2013 that it was banning the practice of telecommuting because it was discovered its remote employees VPN often enough. [3]

Alternate views

Research has reported that the use of technology is very important. [4] A study by the National University of Singapore entitled ” Impact of Cyberloafing on Psychological Engagement” . [5]

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