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Education Business Partnerships (EBPs) were, until 2011, UK-government-sponsored bodies. In 2011 the Department for Education ( DfE ) abolished funding for Education Business Links. Business Planning, Work Experience, Education and Career Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) by linking the worlds of business and education to young people. Around two thirds of secondary schools nationally have decided to maintain a work experience offer.

EBPs are regionally based and supported by a national network organization, the Education Business Partnership Network.

Statusory status

EBPs do not have a statutory status, but many support schools and local authorities with delivery of statutory programs.


In March 2011 the Young People ‘s Learning Agency stated that the Department for Education , successor to the DCSF, had confirmed [1] that funding for Education Business Partnership Services had been withdrawn with effect from 31 March 2011 their services locally.

External links

  • National EBP Network
  • The London EBP Network


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