Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (YES) is an international non-profit dedicated to fighting poverty through large-scale job creation and entrepreneurship for youth. YES is located at Babson College in Wellesley, MA .

The Youth Employment Summit (YES) is a civil society response to the global challenge of youth unemployment. The Campaign was formally launched at the Youth Employment Summit in September 2002, in Alexandria, Egypt . Co-chaired by former US President Bill Clinton and Egyptian First Lady Suzanne Mubarak , this first Summit was attended by over 1600 delegates from 120 countries.

The YES Campaign has overseen the formation of youth-led networks in over 55 countries. These networks link with stakeholder groups (government, business, academics, NGOs, and UN agencies) to develop programs and policies for promoting youth employment.Through the networks, the YES Campaign plans, implements, and evaluates projects around the globe, keeping youth at the center of its efforts. The YES Campaign:

  • Views youth as true partners in development, rather than as beneficiaries;
  • Encourages youth to organize multi-stakeholder, country networks;
  • Builds the commitment of world leaders and institutions to confront the challenge of youth unemployment by developing strategic partnerships;
  • Transforms that leadership commitment to tangible investments in innovative, employment-generation strategies;
  • Maintains a web-based, Global Knowledge Resource – a free platform that disseminates labor market knowledge and best practices for individuals, networks, and partners through a range of traditional and new-media technologies (print, conferences, e-groups, CD ROM, and video); and
  • Provides youth with opportunities to build leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills in the context of sustainable development.

By enlisting youth participation in creating viable employment alternatives in their home countries, the YES Campaign has validated the concept that young people, if given access to the right resources, can effectively craft their own opportunities for advancement and growth in labor markets needs.

The YES Campaign works on behalf of young people in the world who are clamoring for a better future and an opportunity for productive work. Young people are cognizant of the inequities of the global system, and are likely to associate with the negative forces in their communities if not their way. This initiative offers youth a chance to participate in a global campaign to make a difference in their countries and communities.

Target population: YES Campaign has taken over the Commonwealth Secretariat’s age group for youth, 14-35 years. [1]


In 1998 Youth Employment Summit (YES) was launched as a project of the Education Development Center (EDC), an international, non-profit that manages over 400 projects all over the world, dedicated to enhancing learning and promoting health. The YES Campaign was launched in 2002, by 75 Ministers and over 1,600 delegates, youth leaders, UN agencies, and NGOs at the 1st Global YES summit held at the Library of Alexandria, Egypt. The network of solutions for the youth of the world, developed by the youth of the world and the youth of the world. capacity through training, and support in-country coalitions to develop national youth employment strategies.

In 2007, after 8 years of incubation at EDC, YES was launched as an independent nonprofit. Today, YES is recognized as an international leader in youth employment and entrepreneurship that has facilitated the creation of over 50 YES Country Networks, which has laid the foundation for promoting in-country youth employment and entrepreneurship programs. YES ‘impact is demonstrated by over 400 countries, mainly in developing nations in Africa, South America, and Asia. YES Networks have impacted on one million young people during their first decade, according to an independent study. YES has compiled more than 1,000 on-line resource documents on best practices and tools for youth employment, and commissioned over 150 original publications on youth employment. [1]

A Global Vision

YES Design Principles

Three major principles underlie this mission.

First , the YES Campaign believes that each person is capable of providing leadership opportunities. Next , the Campaign believes in the power of knowledge-sharing and is aware that many effective practices exist. The challenge is to identify these practices and to create opportunities for dissemination, replication, adaptation, and learning. Third , the YES Campaign is a fresh and innovative approach to the development of private and public sectors. The Campaign focuses on youth, the creative change agents of today, to drive this effort

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