Temporary duty assignment

temporary duty assignment ( TDA ), also known as ” temporary duty travel ” ( TDT ), ” temporary additional duty ” ( TAD ) in the Navy and Marine Corps (or TDI for ” temporary duty under instruction “, referring to training assignments) , or ” temporary duty Yonder ” ( TDY ) in the Army and Air Force, refers to a United States Government employee travel assignment at a location other than the employee’s permanent duty station. This type of secondmentis usually of relatively short duration, typically two days to 179 days in length. Not all agencies use this designation. Some government agencies including the Defense Department mandate they are less than six months in duration. [1] Those agencies do not mandate a six-month permanent changes of station (PCS).

Temporary duty assignments usually come with per diem pay, covering lodging , meals , and incidental expenses. [2] Many employees value the per diem aspect of a TDA, since that money is guaranteed, even if they spend less than their allotted daily value. However, there are a number of different types of accommodation options, such as lodging, lodging, and room service. Typically, an employee may request a cash advance of 60-80% of the total value of the meals and incidental expenses before the TDA per diem takes place money on a personal credit card. Government travel cards sont également disponible Typically, though thesis Sometimes carry restrictions on the kinds of goods or services you purchased with That Can Be em.

Some rentals have furnished apartments for long-term stay. These apartments have fully equipped kitchens so TDA recipients have the option to cook rather than always eat out, and some washing machines and clothes dryers .

Some government agencies consider an assignment over 45 days as an extended TDA, which allows the employee to be reimbursed for part of the expenses before the end of the assignment. [3] [4]


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